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DUBLIN — Ireland has loudly proclaimed its unity with rest of the EU since Britain voted to leave the bloc, but a clash over the Irish low-tax regime could shatter the cohesion.

In Irish business circles, Brexit has triggered a brainstorm on how best to use it as an opportunity to push back on the EU’s crackdown on Irish tax policy.

 Their nuclear option: “Irexit.”

It doesn’t trip off the tongue like the British version, but the theory goes that any EU encroachment on the low corporate tax rates that have underwritten Ireland’s economic transformation in recent decades could undermine its unmatched enthusiasm for the EU and amplify what are, for now, a tiny minority of voices calling for an Irish exit from the European Union.

For the government in Dublin, Brexit already poses huge problems, such as the reemergence of a border with Northern Ireland that could destabilize the Good Friday peace accord, and the threat to Irish business sectors that are heavily reliant on trade with the U.K.

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